Dream 10 Profile: Kristin Gracie

by Kylie Kendall 
Someone once insulted Kristin Gracie by saying “you’re just a dreamer.” After that blow, it took her a while to understand the incredible power that comes with being a dreamer, and now that she has, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

When Kristin’s sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer about ten years ago, she took a leave of absence from her big-four accounting job to care for her. “Time was all that mattered,” Kristin says. “And that was really the first shift in me toward figuring out what my bigger purpose in life was.”

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Dream 10 Profile: Suzanne West

by Kylie Kendall 

Energy industry renegade, role model for a new (read: better) way to do business, and the first member of the Dream 10, Suzanne West is, in a word, unstoppable.

Suzanne is the founder and CEO of Imaginea Energy, an oil company that does everything it can possibly think of to make the extraction process environmentally friendly, pioneering new technologies and prioritizing people, planet and profit equally. The company also recognizes that innovation can only be born out of collaboration and open creativity, which is why it operates on a flat organizational model. On all fronts, Imaginea is simply revolutionary.

Suzanne herself is also a huge believer in the power of the female economy, and has been behind Dream, Girl since the very beginning (she’s interviewed in the film!). For her, becoming a member of the Dream 10 was a no-brainer. Here, we caught up with Suzanne to find out more about her life as a crazy-successful entrepreneur and her passion for a new model of leadership. 

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Get Your Tickets to Dream, Girl Now!

Greetings Dreamers- The time has come!

Click here to get your tickets to the Dream, Girl world premiere!

Date: June 9th, 2016
Time: Doors open to the public at 7:30pm *seating is first come first serve
Location: Paris Theater, 4 West 58th Street, New York, NY

Get your photo taken on the red carpet. Meet the inspiring entrepreneurs from the film. Be in the audience to watch the documentary and witness the start of the Dream, Girl movement. Participate in an interactive Q&A session with our producers Erin Bagwell and Komal Minhas. It will be a night to remember and we can’t wait to see you there!

Can’t make it to NYC? Join us digitally!
Click here to sign up for our live-steam event and be part of the Dream, Girl premiere from the comfort of your home.

Have a question?
Email us at hello@dreamgirlfilm.com

Set Your Calendar To Get Tickets to the Dream, Girl World Premiere

Greetings Dreamers!

Three weeks ago Komal, Diana and I shuffled around the city looking at venues for our World Premiere. We saw giant commercial theaters in midtown, took a peek inside the beautiful MET theater, and ate lots of buttery movie theater popcorn. Midway through our day we entered a jewel box theater on 58th and 5th ave- right by Central Park. The minute we stepped inside my heart started to race and I knew this was the one.

We got a call this weekend letting us know we are officially booked – so today we can announce that the Dream, Girl world premiere will take place June 9th, 2016 at the iconic Paris Theater in Manhattan.

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Dream, Girl World Premiere

Hello Dreamers,

It feels like a zillion butterflies have thrown my heart off the Empire State Building because WE HAVE FINISHED THE MOVIE & OUR WORLD PREMIERE IS JUNE 9th!
And I have to be honest with you — I’ve never been more proud of anything I have ever done in my entire life. These last few months Komal and I have spent late nights, early mornings, and weekends working out all the details of the story. Did I mention Komal moved from Ottawa, Canada to New York!?! She now lives 5 blocks from me, and we work side by side everyday. After working together remotely for over a year it is so amazing to have her here in person, and be able to share this Dream, Girl momentum together.

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The Best Year of My Life

Hello Dreamers,

As 2015 comes to an end, the Dream, Girl team and I have been riding on an aura of gratitude, appreciation, and awe. When I look back on this year and all we accomplished to get us one step closer to releasing the film, I feel speechless.

But my heart was not always this full of girl power.

In the summer of 2013 I met Julie Sygiel, the founder of Dear Kate on Instagram. She was running a feminist underwear company and we did an interview about her on my blog. When I met her in person, I was struck by her confidence, passion for business, and her age (she was the same age as me!). I had never met a female founder that was so successful and I was in awe of her in every way.

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Happy Birthday, Komal!


Komal is the kind of person who, as she moves through life, makes impressions on people. Everyone she’s crossed paths with has a story about how she’s gone out of her way to uplift them. Maybe it was a pep talk she gave at a vulnerable moment or maybe it was just her energy and drive that inspired them to work toward that kind of passion in life — everyone remembers her light.

So, since today is Komal’s birthday and she deserves to hear all the nice things, we decided to assemble a few Dream, Girl team members to tell their own ‘Komal stories’.

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NYMag, Levo 100, RED Magazine and more!

8ad2f54a-ac4c-46ae-a410-4cd73f34e451Greetings Everyone!

Komal here! While Erin has been in creative hibernation mode working on finishing the film, I’ve been neck-deep in distribution prep. But that hasn’t stopped our amazing supporters from shouting from the rooftops about Dream, Girl, amplifying our message to uplift and empower. Check out some amazing stories about Dream, Girl in the news here:

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1 Year Kickstarter Anniversary


It’s the end of the summer and we are so excited to share some official Dream, Girl announcements with you. First of all this September marks our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Kickstarter! Woohoo! Just one year ago you funded our campaign and put this movement in motion! Check out this blog post I wrote for Feminist Wednesday on what it was like to be funded here.

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Clinique Smart Ideas in Partnership with TED Featuring Dream, Girl


Hi Dreamers!

There have been a number of really surreal moments on the Dream, Girl journey- our first day on set, releasing the brand new trailer, moving into our editing suite – but one of the biggest compliments we have ever received is when Clinique & TED called and asked us to share our story.



Now most of you are my favorite people of all time (our Kickstarter backers), and have seen so much of the backstory, but for our new friends following the Dream, Girl journey, you joined the ride as the film has been in motion. And while we are always dreaming big, our roots and this story begin way before a Kickstarter campaign. It begins with a dream. So when we were asked to reflect on that story and share it in video for these two powerhouse brands surreal isn’t even the best word to describe it — it was more like unreal. Komal and I just kept giggling and looking at each other like “can you believe this is happening?”

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