Women Who Raise: Our new series in production now!

Hello Dreamers,
With just one week away from our 1 year anniversary of Dream, Girl my team is really excited to share some big news with you!
A couple of months ago, Amanda Curtis, the CEO of Nineteenth Amendment reached out to me. While on a business trip in LA she attended a screening of Dream, Girl and fell in love with our mission. She saw her experience reflected on screen and the film gave her the boost of confidence she needed to keep crushing on her trip, which is amazing because that weekend she was meeting with a bunch of potential investors for her company. Fed up with the endless meetings and need to justify her female-focused brand to male investors, she decided to start filming her fundraising journey with the hopes to inspire and motivate other women raising capital.
​​​​​​​Amanda and I met on a cloudy day in Manhattan and after a few cups of coffee it became clear that diving into money narratives, exploring the ways in which women get funded, and learning how to slay the fundraising process as a female founder was something that my team and hers felt really passionate about.
​​​​​​​So we are teaming up to share those stories.

“Women Who Raise” is a new web-series about raising capital through the eyes of the women doing it today.

Through the five-part series, we learn how to pitch investors, find support on the fundraising journey, debunk common myths around money, and most importantly, discover what it takes financially to build your business through the eyes of the women doing it today.
Our team is currently casting other inspiring founders to share their fundraising stories, as well as looking for investors and money experts to dive into money myths. Interested in submitting your story and being part of this series? Click here to share your experience with us!

The Dream, Girl team is also looking for partners to help us fund the series. If you know any people, brands, or businesses that might be interested in supporting our mission,you can view and pass on our pitch deck here!
Thanks so much for all your support- I can’t wait to bring this new series to you next year.

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