Head of School, Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart

“You could hear a pin drop. Erin had 544 girls completely mesmerized by her storytelling. The school day was over, but our students simply wouldn’t leave.”


High School Student

“I appreciated how each journey was unique, but all came back to the same thing: When a woman sets her mind to something, there really isn’t anything she can’t do. I remember turning to my friend at one point and whispering ‘I want to go home and write a business plan!’”


Special Projects Manager, Publicolor

“VERY accessible for young girls/women. Four out of the five women featured in the film were from multicultural backgrounds, so it spoke directly to our cohort. Dream, Girl has made a difference for us!”

Inspire the Next Generation


Use the Dream, Girl Educators’ Guide to give homework your students will get excited about. Group activities and post-screening assignments included in the guide are a great way to keep students thinking about the issues they learn about in Dream, Girl.


High school and middle school-age students are at a difficult age where they’re starting to understand inequality but are often feeling powerless to enact meaningful change. Rarely do they find themselves in spaces where their voices are truly heard and their experiences are validated. Use Dream, Girl as a way to start the conversation around your students’ experiences with sexism, create safe spaces for them to develop their activism, and encourage them to dream big.


We know that one of the most difficult tasks for educators and youth program facilitators is keeping students engaged and invested in issues outside of their own experiences. Use Dream, Girl to inspire your students to take action and show them that it’s fun to care about activist causes.



1 Year Educational License $295

  • A Renewable One-Year Educational License
  • The Dream, Girl Feature-Length Documentary on DVD
  • 31-page Educators’ Guide to Continue the Conversation After the Film
  • Social Media & Marketing Materials (Photos, Graphics, and Videos to Share)
  • *For Public Events: Promotion of Your Event on the Dream, Girl Website and in Our Newsletter Twice a Month Until Your Event


Our Story

Meet Erin the director of Dream, Girl

Hi! My name is Erin Bagwell and I’m the director of Dream, Girl, a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs.
Since our premiere at the White House in May 2016, Dream, Girl has been seen by over 25K people in 81 different countries. Our story has been shared all over the globe, but my favorite part of the Dream, Girl journey continues to be the conversations I have with young women while touring with the film.
I love connecting with, learning from, and sharing my journey of what it takes to follow your dreams and turn your passion into a business, which is why I started my own series “A Gal’s Guide to Making a Movie” to inspire the next generation of storytellers. 
Through the written series, we see the step-by-step process of making a movie, from ideation to completion including all the mistakes, wins, and unexpected moments that happen in between. 
I also love attending events and giving this workshop in person, so if you are interested in bringing my out to your next screening please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my team!

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Dream, Girl Events from Australia to Amarillo, Texas


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Dream, Girl Event FAQ:

  • What technology do I need to host an event?

When you purchase your event license, we mail you a DVD copy of Dream, Girl. The only technology you need to host your event is a DVD player, a screen to show the film, and speakers to hear the audio.


  • How long is the film?

62 minutes.


  • What is the best age group for Dream, Girl?

We have had some amazing young women and men who have deemed Dream, Girl their new favorite film. The best age group for Dream, Girl is anyone in grade 7 and up. The film follows five entrepreneurs at different stages of their careers, from a 84 year old on her third company to a 26 year old building her first start-up. Dream, Girl is meant to inspire the next generation of female leaders and empower today’s trailblazers to showcase the power of the female economy.


  • What should I do after the screening?

We highly recommend engaging your students in a discussion following the screening. It’s important to create a safe space for your students to unpack the information in Dream, Girl. Our 31-page Educators’ Guide will walk you through the major themes in the film and provide you with post-screening discussion questions, stats to examine, group activities, and assignments.


  • How does the one-year license work?

The $295 licensing fee allows you to screen the film to students as often as desired throughout the course of one year and to include the film in your organization’s library. After the one-year period is up, you’ll have the option to renew your license for another $295.


  • Who else has hosted screenings?

Since Dream, Girl’s premiere, we’ve had events at the White House and Twitter (plus more than 200 other communities around the world) but some of our favorite screenings have been with high school and middle school-aged students!


  • Is Dream, Girl a film young men can identify with?

This may come as a surprise (or no surprise at all) but some of Dream, Girl’s biggest supporters are men. Dream, Girl is a film for women and men alike. If you are looking for an event to promote gender awareness in the workplace, or just looking to enlighten your favorite group of guys on what it’s like to build a business through our eyes Dream, Girl is a perfect film to spark a dialogue off the personal stories of our five main characters. After attending an event during our launch, Adrian Hopkins wrote all about what he learned from the documentary!