Frances Antonio-Martineau: The Collaborator

“My main goal in showing the documentary was to maybe be able to touch somebody, to inspire them to pursue their own dream and their goals.”

Imagine watching Dream, Girl at your local theatre, only to look over your shoulder and see one of the featured entrepreneurs sitting next you.
That’s the experience Frances Antonio-Martineau wanted to give her audience in Fort Lauderdale.
Frances discovered Dream, Girl the way many of our hosts come to the film – she attended a screening in Miami. A few months before her event, she was seeking inspiration and with some encouragement from her husband, she decided to attend Ani Mercedes’ screening by herself. Without knowing a single person in the room, Frances remembers sitting alone in the theatre, eager to connect with the women in the room.
But what happened after the screening was something she didn’t expect.
“I was shy and timid all by myself but as I was watching the documentary, just so many things spoke to me and I got my a-ha moment,” Frances said. “It empowered me and moved me to pursue my jewelry line and try different things that I’ve always wanted to do.
To give her event extra oomph, Frances decided to collaborate and connect with women who inspired her, in hopes they would want to be a part of her vision. Having never organized an event like this before, she knew it was essential to collaborate and find partners to bring the screening to life.
She reached out to Crista Freeman from Phin & Phebes ice cream, one of the entrepreneurs featured in Dream, Girl, and the two of them partnered up to bring pints of the dreamy, delicious dessert for guests to munch on during the screening.
But she didn’t stop there.
Mariama Camara, founder of Mariama Fashion Production, There Is No Limit Foundation, and of course, one of the main women in the Dream, Girl, made the trip down to Florida to join other local entrepreneurs for a panel discussion after the film.
Frances also wanted the event to be the official launch of her jewelry company, Halo-Halo, which features pieces inspired by the culture and landscape of the Philippines.
“My main goal in showing the documentary was to maybe be able to touch somebody, to inspire them to pursue their own dream and their goals,” Frances said.
Following the screening, Frances wanted to continue to find ways to bring together her community and make women feel empowered and celebrated. She started seeking out different events she could organize or people she could work with to continue to bring inspiration to Fort Lauderdale.
And that’s when it hit her.
While enjoying a pint of beer with her husband, Frances got the idea to organize an all-female brewery festival, the first-ever of it’s kind.
“I just wanted to merge two of my different passions with beer and be able to empower women and highlight their work in the industry,” Frances said.
On Memorial Day weekend, Frances packed the FATVillage Arts District with female brewmasters, experts, tasters, and of course, brewsky fans from near and far.
From ice cream and movie screenings, to pints and festivals, we love the way our hosts uplift, empower, and showcase the inspiring women in their communities.


Check out the photos from Frances’ screening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

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