Dream, Girl is a documentary film showcasing the stories of ambitious female entrepreneurs and is the perfect networking event to uplift, inspire, and magnetize your audience.

Create a space where lasting connections are made and encourage your network to dream big. Book your screening event today!

Meet Your Community

our global audience

To celebrate Dream, Girl’s 1 year anniversary we asked fans around the world what the film means to them. Over the past year the film has been hosted at 240 screening events in 31 different countries.
“As an entrepreneur for 15 years, Dream, Girl, it’s the best film I have ever seen about the subject. It shows clearly the challenges, specially as a woman entrepreneur, and in spite of that rough reality, it leaves you inspired.” – Diana Franco




After being interviewed for Dream, Girl, Marie shared the film with her B-Schoolers to empower her global audience of female entrepreneurs.

“Dream, Girl is a powerful documentary I’m proud to be a part of.”

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Ani launched a money management workshop at her screening dedicated to helping women gain financial independence. 

“I can’t even express the domino effect, by saying this is what I believe and having it resonate with others. It’s almost like the spark in you connects with the spark in them and it keeps growing and it keeps going.”

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Nancy specializes in working with female entrepreneurs to help them grow and scale their businesses and used her screening to help uplift the Atlanta startup community.

We are seeing a huge increase in women entrepreneurship and I think that there are very often not a lot of very visible models for people to be inspired by.

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Become a Host

And Elevate Your Brand


Whether you are just joining the entrepreneur tribe or a veteran CEO- we want to elevate your business.  Are you getting ready to launch a workshop, promote your book, or start a new initiative? Dream, Girl helps you magnetize your tribe and celebrating the power of the female economy.


As women, how often are we given the opportunity to come into a space with like-minded female leaders to share experiences, stories and knowledge? There’s an inherent power that comes from sharing your story and being met with not only support, but empathy – women supporting other women is central to our mission and a key component of what we intend for these events.


It’s not just about exchanging business cards and promising to follow up later. The connections made at a Dream, Girl event are meaningful and intend to go far beyond a handshake. By hosting your screening, you’re facilitating the opportunity to foster genuine introductions that seek to elevate and uplift everyone in the room and making connections with your audience that will last.


Dream, Girl events are a great way to activate your audience into action. Is there another cause you can help amplify in your community or through your business? Shine a spotlight on what’s important to you and garner tangible support from your tribe.



Dream, Girl 1 Year Anniversary Special $295

  • A One-time License to Screen Dream, Girl
  • The Dream, Girl Feature-Length Documentary on DVD
  • 24-page Q&A Discussion Guide to Continue the Conversation After the Film
  • Social Media & Marketing Materials (Photos, Graphics, and Videos to Share)
  • Promotion of Your Event on the Dream, Girl Website
  • All you need to host your own event is a DVD player- see all our screening FAQ at the bottom of the page!

Our Story

Meet Erin the creator of Dream, Girl

Dream, Girl started off as a tiny idea I had in my living room that I turned into a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $100K in 30 days. Once the Kickstarter was funded I hired an all-female crew, interviewed over a dozen entrepreneurs, and produced the film I was born to make. Dream, Girl premiered at the White House in May 2016 and in August, I was named on Oprah’s SuperSoul100, a list of game-changing influencers creating social change around the world.
But creating impactful media showcasing the power of women isn’t just my calling, it’s my business. After we launched Dream, Girl I turned our production company into a distribution company to be able to share the film worldwide as well as bring in the funds to keep producing and supporting female-led and inspired stories.
Every dollar you spend with Dream, Girl helps us uplift the next generation. For every 10 screenings we book I donate 2 screenings to schools and women’s communities in need of a little inspiration.
I can’t wait to bring Dream, Girl to your community!



From Australia to Amraillo, Texas see photos of our screening events around the world.

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After your screening hear all about the making of the film with a special Q&A with our director Erin Bagwell

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The Dream, Girl Screenings Guidebook

Everything you need to plan your event.

Our team has developed a comprehensive
blueprint to help you plan out your screening.

From finding a venue, to visualizing the day of your event,
we cover anything and everything
you need to know as a Dream, Girl host!

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Dream, Girl Event FAQ:


  • What technology do I need to host an event?

When you purchase your event license, we mail you a DVD copy of Dream, Girl. The only technology you need to host your event is a DVD player, a screen to show the film, and speakers to hear the audio.


  • Can I host multiple events with my screenings license?

Your purchase includes a one-time license for your screening which means you can host one event per license. You can absolutely purchase multiple screening licenses (additional fees apply).

  • Can I stream the film or host an online event?

You can not share the film online with your community. If you are interested in sharing the film via livestream or digital link please reach out to our team for more details.


  • How long is the film?

62 minutes


  • Where can I do it?

Our hosts have held events at movie theatres, conference centres, museums, in their company’s offices, and even in their living room. The venue is entirely up to you – the key is to find a space that will create the energy of how you want the event to feel for your audience.


  • What is the best age group for Dream, Girl?

So far our biggest supporters have been women’s networking groups who want to share the film’s message with their community. However, we have had some amazing young ladies who have also deemed Dream, Girl their new favorite film. The best age group for Dream, Girl is anyone in grade 7 and up. The film follows five entrepreneurs at different stages of their careers, from a 84 year old on her third company to a 26 year old building her first start-up. Dream, Girl is meant to inspire the next generation of female leaders and empower today’s trailblazers to showcase the power of the female economy.


  • Can I make money on my event?

Dream, Girl does not take a percentage of ticket sales. We encourage you to use your revenue however you see fit!


  • What should I do after the screening?

We highly recommend holding a Q&A with local entrepreneurs from the area. When the lights go up at the end of the film, we want to ensure our audience feels as though they have a space to continue the conversation.

Our team has developed a 24-page Discussion Guidebook with a list of questions that dig into the deeper aspects of the film. Whether it’s issues around self-care, paid maternity leave or personal experiences of feeling marginalized in the workplace, we encourage you to open up a dialogue after the film to engage the entrepreneurs in the room.


  • Who else has hosted screenings?

Since Dream, Girl’s premiere, we’ve had events at the White House and Twitter but our favourite screenings have been hosted by women’s networking groups! One of our backers in New Zealand sold out her Dream, Girl event for her network. And back in NY, one of our hosts also held a large public event in Westchester at a local movie theatre.


  • Is Dream, Girl a film men can identify with?

This may come as a surprise (or no surprise at all) but some of Dream, Girl’s biggest supporters are men. Dream, Girl is a film for women and men alike. If you are looking for an event to promote gender awareness in the workplace, or just looking to enlighten your favorite group of guys on what it’s like to build a business through our eyes Dream, Girl is a perfect film to spark a dialogue off the personal stories of our five main characters. After attending an event during our launch, Adrian Hopkins wrote all about what he learned from the documentary!