Linda Biggs: The Founder

“I wanted to build a community of ambitious women. There are a lot of communities for women but I wanted to create a network that was unapologetic about women who want to do big things.”

Linda Biggs is unstoppable.
The founder of MakeHer, a consulting agency that works with companies to promote gender equity in their corporate culture and support operations, is showcasing the power of the female economy, one screening at a time.
After hosting not one, not two, but six Dream, Girl events for her community and clients in Victoria, Canada, Linda says there’s a need for female-driven content more than ever in the startup space.
“I wanted to build a community of ambitious women. There are a lot of communities for women but I wanted to create a network that was unapologetic about women who want to do big things.”
And Linda is one of those women.
After finding herself without a job last October, she started pounding the pavement, meeting with anyone and everyone involved in the tech space in her small coastal city. After connecting with close to 100 people in four weeks, Linda realized she was meeting almost exclusively with men.
She was determined to find out where all the women were.
Linda says she struggled to find women to connect with in her industry when she was heading up a local agency for a startup in town and felt, more than ever, that she wanted to connect with women now as she explored her next steps.
There isn’t anything dedicated just to women who want to do awesome things,” Linda said. “I want to see something where women get together for weekend retreats with other like minded women and come back with some epic business ideas.” Something she has seen many male CEO’s and founders do casually.
Linda realized she could try to create what she was seeking and be the mentor she wanted to find for others in the community by bringing women together who shared similar ambitions.
“I realized that this is my chance to really serve and give back,” Linda said. “I still get emotional about it.”
Linda wanted to bring Dream, Girl’s mission to a more general audience in her city. She decided to take what she describes as a leap of faith to host several public events for the community as part of a campaign leading up to International Women’s Day, and with the help of her sponsors Schneider Electric and Harbour Air, they reached over 200 women over three screenings.
“The film allowed people to really open up to be and be really honest with what it is that they need,” Linda said about her events. “You can’t get that from surveys, you can’t get that from networking events, you can really only get that when you start peeling away some layers and allowing people to really relate to each other.”
Like many screening hosts, Linda decided to include a panel of local female business owners after the movie to talk about their experiences starting their companies. It was important to her to feature women from Victoria and the surrounding area to localize the issue for attendees.
“The panels were so raw. The women really told their stories and the feedback from the audience was that they don’t normally get that,” Linda said. “Usually, people from San Francisco or other bigs cities are asked to speak but never really local women. It allows people to say – I know this person, I know where her office is, and now, I know her story.”
Watching the film multiple times has helped Linda not only professionally, but also as a founder on her own entrepreneurial journey.
“What this campaign made me realize is that I’m not alone in that struggle, there’s nothing lacking in me,” Linda said. “To hear that same experience from a founder of an amazing company doing amazing things, is really empowering.”


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