Naomi Arnold: The Fundraiser

“It had a massive impact in so many different ways. It gave me confidence to see that I could actually pull that off and people could leave feeling good.”

As entrepreneurs, chasing our dreams can be the most thrilling, terrifying, empowering and meaningful pursuits of our careers. It’s the feeling that gets us out of bed in the morning and pushes us to build our dreams beyond imagination.
But what happens when we extend beyond ourselves and start dreaming for others?
This is the question Naomi Arnold explores every day. The award-winning business and life coach seeks to not only build her platform as an entrepreneur but to also give back through her work and create meaningful change for humanitarian causes around the world.
When she had the idea to screen Dream, Girl in Yeppoon, a coastal town in Australia, she was thrilled to combine her love philanthropy with female empowerment.
“I’m really passionate about using our platforms for good and to progress social change so I was coming at organizing the screening from that angle,” Naomi said. “We had the intention of uniting these incredible women in the community who might’ve been interested in being entrepreneurs and using that to dream for others.”
After backing the film on Kickstarter, the opportunity to host a screening came full circle a year later when Naomi became an ambassador for Engaging Women, an organization that brings on community volunteers to host events aimed at raising money for a local non-profits.
Only catch? Yeppoon doesn’t have a movie theatre.
But it didn’t matter, Naomi was determined.
To bring her vision to life, she partnered with Busi Women Inc., a local networking group to help sponsor the screening. Rosslyn Bay Resort generously donated the space for the event and Naomi filled the room with brightly coloured bean bag chairs and pillows. Women from across the region travelled to Yeppoon, hopping on boats and cars to attend.
Together, with the support of 60 attendees, Naomi raised nearly $3000 for Strengthening Family Connections, a non-profit dedicated to working with children and families in vulnerable situations on the Capricorn Coast.
But she didn’t stop there. Helping others is so central to Naomi’s work that she decided to create a podcast to interview entrepreneurs, human rights lawyers, musicians, actors and everyone in between to find out how they utilize their influence to create meaningful change.
“I wanted to try and figure out a way where we could return to that and use these amazing platforms that we all have now that are incredible and that we didn’t have before,” Naomi said.
Her podcast, appropriately named Dream For Others, seeks to not only highlight her guests but also demonstrate tangible steps listeners can take to facilitate change and create community. The project integrates the humanitarian space with entrepreneurship and her experience as a coach.
Sitting in her home office with her 3-year old son’s artwork up on the walls, Naomi radiates warmth that can be felt through a computer screen on the other side of the world. With her heart on her sleeve, she infuses vulnerability, emotional intelligence and an unrelenting commitment into her dream to build a better world.
The self-described introvert says her Dream, Girl screening planted seeds that allowed her to take big steps, both personally and professionally.
“It had a massive impact in so many different ways,” Naomi said. “It gave me confidence and allowed me to see that I could actually pull that off and people could leave feeling good.”


Check out the photos from Naomi’s event in Queensland, Australia below!
Photos by DMK Photographics

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