Amanda Goetz


CEO and Co-Founder of Availendar

Amanda has spent the past 7 years managing global marketing campaigns and programs. Her entrepreneurial spark ignited when she was running the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program and meeting inspiring entrepreneurs. Amanda graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois College of Business in 3.5 years. Just like her college education, Amanda believes all things should be done as efficiently as possible and has redirected her career to focus on a fun solution to the scheduling pains we all endure. Hailing from a farm in Central Illinois, Amanda now walks the streets of New York City with her husband, toddler and poodle hybrid.

Here latest venture is Availendar, a social scheduling app set to launch in early 2015. Availendar understands your availability by learning calendaring habits, priorities and preferences. It allows you to connect with others and quickly and find out when everyone is available without looking at a calendar, swapping out the back and forth for fun.