Francesca Kustra

Camera Assistant

Tell us who you are and where you are from?
Hi, I’m Francesca Kustra, a NYC-based freelance video producer, striving to make people think twice about the world around them. I was born in Buffalo, NY, also affectionately known as “The City of Good Neighbors.” In January 2011, I relocated to NYC to begin the graduate program in media studies at The New School, focusing on media management, documentary studies, and post-production.

Who is your favorite girl boss?
Laura Flanders would have to be my favorite girl boss. Utilizing her extensive background skills and passion for media, she founded GRITtv with Laura Flanders. GRITtv is a great source of interviews with “thinkers and doers,” people striving to increase awareness and dialogue on important social issues. Every week a new video is released that was shot in Laura’s NYC apartment, which doubles as a studio for shoots. Owning professional video production equipment, she employes a mostly female staff to produce and edit her video content.

If you weren’t in video production what would you be doing?
The way I look at it, video and image are powerful tools to help deliver messages to a captivated audience. If I wasn’t working in video production, I’d probably be a travel photographer so I could learn more about the world, as well as share my work with others to teach and stimulate interest.