Prasanna Ranganathan

DG: Social Media Consultant

Where you are from: Regina, Canada

What is your favorite part of the movie? My favorite parts of the movie are when Clara talks about melting down and then melting right back up. Her words spoke to me. And Erin’s final quote in the film brings me to tears every single time I watch the film:
“I started this journey because I wanted so desperately to view myself as a leader.  I wanted to feel the power, respect & freedom that comes from creating something authentic. What I learned was that I already had this voice, this drive and this mission inside me.  I just needed to surround myself with ambitious women so I could see it inside myself. There’s just a tiny voice telling you to DREAM BIG.  Now go listen to it.”

Why you love this work? I love this work because it demonstrates the power of film to inspire and empower viewers everywhere, chronicling the stories and experiences of brilliant female entrepreneurs. I love this community because of its expansive, all-encompassing nature where a range of experiences, voices and perspectives are valued and included.