Suzanne West


Founder of Imaginea

Suzanne West is the President and CEO of Imaginea Energy Corp., a private oil company in Calgary. This is Ms. West’s fifth company, that over the past 15 years, she has successfully built from scratch. After receiving her engineering degree from University of Calgary, Ms. West spent the first 11 years of her career as a reservoir engineer and in various leadership positions in large corporations. Many of those years, she was determined to show that organizations can perform better with a different organizational model; a model based more on the wisdom of Mother Nature (collaborative, integrated, self-managing, creative, appreciating diversity). She then decided to follow the call of the entrepreneur and forge out on her own to foster this kind of culture and the success that comes from it.

Imaginea Energy is her latest passion to create a new kind of energy company that values all three of Planet, People and Profits – to discover a better way of developing our resources and creating “AND” solutions and new possibilities of doing business for good.

Ms. West is passionate about living a life full of well-being. She has been a fitness instructor for 21 years, trying to inspire people to enjoy being healthy. Ms. West loves meditation, yoga, reading, writing, walking with her dog and thinking of new ways to change the world. She believes that gratitude and giving back are part of life’s beautiful rhythm; that we are here to be joyful, to learn, and to make a positive difference in each other’s lives. Ms. West regularly participates in philanthropic projects that are near to her heart; those that involve children, animals, and homelessness.

Ms. West has a passion for doing what others think can’t be done and a deep desire to enable people to reach their potential. She has relentlessly pursued opportunities that create value with new ideas and hard work; with an unwillingness to be afraid, deterred or defeated by circumstance. She looks forward to seeing what is possible for her, for others, for her community and for the world.